• Friends Forever #20 SPOC Sneak Peek #2

    Special Thanks to M99moron, Missbeigepony, & ZuTheSkunk for the vectors used above!

    I need to seriously commission some art for these headers. Eh, that's future Q's problem. Not mine!

    Brenda Hickey has tossed up yet another Single Panel Out of Context Sneak Peek for the upcoming Discord and Luna Friends Forever issue! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how Discord and Luna interact together.

    Maybe they'll go on a pranking spree and really get on Celestia's nerves.

    I call dibs on that idea. No one else take it! But for those of you curious about the idea for this issue you can find it after the break!

    And remember folks, speculate like crazy. Discord would be so disappointed if there weren't chaos in these comments.

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