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    Celestia has had a number of tumblrs in the spotlight over the years and today we're going to take a look back at some of the best that feature Celestia! While these may be older tumblrs already featured on the site, it's a nice blast from the past and some of you may have missed these if you're new to the fandom!

    Plus we do have a tumblr for Celestia we've never featured before that you can find at the bottom of the post so make sure to check it out!

    So check on after the break for some Sun Butt! And if you have any Celestia tumblrs you particularly like, please leave links in the comments!

    Good Morning Celestia

    Out of all the princesses Celestia has been the focus of some of the biggest tumblrs in the pony fandom. She's been incredibly lucky to have such dedicated and talented artists bring her to life in ways we wouldn't think possible with the show and comics alone. One such tumblr, Good Morning Celestia, has popped up portraying the princess as a down to earth monarch with interests and worries very much like any other pony.

    Why not join her for breakfast? She'd love the company!

    Good Morning Celestia - Current Page

    Celestia comes in many forms so why not a sassy robot? Ask Technolestia has recently rebooted its story and is looking for questions! Want to know why she is a robot and what advantages it might have? Well, check the link down below and get to submitting.

    Ask Technolestia - Current Page

    As the show is lacking in royal sibling interactions it's always nice to see how the fandom takes the relationship between the two sisters. For those of you that love the humorous adventures of Luna and Celestia over more serious contenders we've got a treat for you in Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams. I mean, super silly Celestia and slightly more serious Luna? How can you go wrong?

    Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams - Current Page - First Page

    Now for something completely and totally silly! If you're a fan of surreal humor and Celestia we've got the tumblr for you! With exaggerated character styles and humor out of left field, Celestia Stuff is just all forms of crazy fun. It's got 10000 followers and three years of content for a reason so don't miss out on this charming and silly ask blog!

    Celestia Stuff - Current Page - First Page

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