• Beach City Bugle Launches!

    They told me not to make a website...

    A few months ago I had released plans here on EqD about launching a site for Steven Universe sometime in the near future. Hoping to get some feedback and motivation to complete the project things quickly spiraled out of control in a way I never really expected and I ended up canceling the project. Thanks to encouragement from friends and some of the staff that work on Steven Universe I got motivated to finish the project and just see how things go!

    Flash forward to today and the site is finally complete! It's in the same style as EqD so getting used to the new site should be rather easy for you guys here and I've ironed out as many bugs as I could so I hope it's an easy going experience!

    For those of you who gave me feedback on the site as I was developing it and for willing to stick up for me when things got bad all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really hope this new place can be something nice for the SU community, a place to aggregate all the awesome work people have put into music, art, crafts, and more from the SU fandom.

    So let's go have some fun! Check out the full site at the link below!

    Beach City Bugle

    Twitter: Calpain