• Tumblr Spotlight: The Horse Wife

    Every so often a tumblr comes along that knocks the socks off of people, myself included. The Horse Wife has only been around for about half a month, but it's frequent updates and absolutely adorable art and story have propelled it to the 3000 follower range already!

    The premise is simple, but incredibly effective. A pony from Equestria has found her way to our world and has fallen in love, so much so she has married the guy. Following her innocent naivety while adjusting to human life at the same time, join her and her husband as she conquers the washing machine, the evil Science Oven, and the terrors of Meat Day!

    Thank goodness her husband likes putting out fire! Find a link to this lovely tumblr below.

    The Horse Wife - Current Page (Scroll to bottom for the first)