• Stay Brony My Friends Charity with LittleMissBloo

    Stay Brony My Friends is back after a brief hiatus (hope you're doing better Dusty)! As always with the show we have a new guest and a new charity to support as well! This time around we've got LittleMissBloo on the podcast who has nominated the Second Harvest Food Bank as their charity!

    Looks of folks have trouble meeting basic food needs so any donations to such organizations help feed the hungry and take some worry off their backs. Not only that, but if you donate now your donation will be met one-to-one which effectively doubles your donation!

    Check on after the break for the show and how you can donate today!

    Do you like costumes? DO I LIKE COSTUMES! Hey yea Mister, I love costumes! Then boy howdy do I have an episode for you!

    Stay Brony My Friends welcomed to the show, LittleMissBloo or QueenBloo as she is also known. We talked all about costuming, cosplay, how to think about your cosplay plan. Colors! Sewing! MASS HYSTERIA!

    Screwball joined in and brought the avalanche of viewer questions from the ICQ chat and we showed off our cosplay trinkets and pieces. Giving suggestions on how the viewers can get in on the costuming fun!

    We also gave away the swag from last show's charity drive for Kelly Sheridan, voice actress for Starlight Glimmer. We raised 623 bucks for the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia because we love the animals around here!

    But that also means we have a NEW charity drive, this one for Second Harvest Food Bank! Its not only Hearths Warming Eve time when food banks need our help, it's all year round!

    The Second Harvest Food Bank is among the very best-run, most effective charities in the nation. In cooperation with food wholesalers, restaurants and grocery chains (as well as regular folks like you and me), they feed hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. This is an ongoing need, not just over the holidays, and they need our help. Just a few dollars can be stretched by these folks to feed someone over several days.

    Stretch your dollars, you say? DONE. Through the month of May, Second Harvest has a donor (Stand Up for Kids Council) who will match all of the incoming donations one-for-one. This is in addition to our own Caerdwyn’s one-for-five matching, so… math… a dollar becomes $1.20 which is doubled to $2.40… okay, there’s your stretch. 240%.

    NOW is the time we can make a huge difference! Help us feed some hungry families that depend on food banks for basic needs. Someday that COULD be YOU!

    Once again thank you from everyone here at Stay Brony My Friends for your continued support!

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