• Random Merch: Delicious Cookie, Bags, Mini Purses, and More!

     I've been waiting four years for officially licensed frosted pony cookies. Why did it take so long? Why are we not being bombarded by these from every corner of the globe?

    These were spotted at Brookshire Brothers in Texas by Sparky Fox, and below the break, have loads more random merch to go with it!

    Random Bags

    To go along with the million other pony bags out there!

    Found By: Perfectly Imperfect
    Found At: Target

    Fashion Fun Magnetic Storybooks

    That's not how you wear a hat Pinkie #1

    Found By: Victor and Mike
    Found At: Costco

    Rainbow Dash and Twilight Shampoo

    Smell like a poni

    Found By: ShadowRose2k
    Found At: Walmart

    Mini Purses

    For the small people among us.

    Found By: NoLeaf
    Found At: Entertainers Toy Shop in the UK

    Another Ultra Pro Mat

    To go along with their new Villain series of card sleeves it looks like.

    Found By: Anthony
    Found At: On their website!


    Found By: mlpon3
    Found At: Toys R' Us

    Pony Protection Pack

    Get protected.

    Found By: mlpon3
    Found At: Toys R' Us