• Meetup Map and Tutorials Reminder!

    Heya everyone! Calpain here! Not sure why this idea didn't strike me sooner, but now that the new season is in full swing I thought it would be a great idea to remind people of our Tutorials and Meetup Map pages! If you're looking to do some pony art this season or catch the episodes with friends these resources should help you out.

    Not only that, but emails for these sections has slowed a bit so I wanted to give new folks to either EqD, the fandom, or just those who didn't know these sections exsisted a chance to send in new groups they might know of or tutorials that have been helpful to them!

    For instructions on how to send in your tutorial or meetup group, check the links below.

    Thanks for listening to a science pony ramble gang!

    Meetup Group Map
    Tutorials Page

    Twitter: Calpain