• Blast from the Past #19 - Revival Edition

    Boy it sure has been a long time hasn't it? Looking back on the last Blast post we had over two years has past! Why the long wait? Mainly because I thought the Pony History of the Day section in the Roundups would be sufficient, but after some inspiration from my girlfriend I decided to give these another shot and see how they do!

    For those of you who don't remember or joined the fandom in the past two years, the Blast from the Past posts were designed by me way back in 2012 to highlight some of the amazing stuff the fandom had come up with during 2010 and 2011. Seems odd to start a series on stuff that was barely a year old, but with the fandom exploding at that time there were quite a few that had no idea what they had missed.

    Anyhow, down to brass tacks. With the revival of the Blast posts I'll be taking suggestions from people for media to spotlight that is at least one year old! This can be anything from music, comics, influential drawing that sparked trends in the fandom, animations, ect. Just send everything to [email protected] if you have a suggestion! Also, feel free to share some of your own nostalgia in the comments!

    Now, on to some history!

    The Rhythm is Magic Series and Spinoffs

    This is the series that inspired me to revive the Blast posts after catching them on a playlist at my girlfriend's place. The Rhythm is magic series, while starting off simple, showed off what the fandom could potentially do with animation and crossovers.

    The original videos (first started in 2011), made by MysteryBen, who you may actually know from his hit animation Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghostfeatured really clever crossovers between MLP and Rhythm Heaven. From these videos there were a number of quality imitations that popped up to continue the trend. Check down below for the full collection by MysteryBen as well as some imitations by other artists.

    Quality Imitations

    Twitter: Calpain