• Artist Spotlight: Audrarius / NadnerbD / Bratzoid / Here-For-The-Ponies

    With the new season of pony well underway, the artists around the fandom are coming out of the woodwork again to create all sorts of amazing pony pieces! As a result I have my work cut out for me as I try and keep up with the number of talented individuals out there. So today we've got four I've found to be pretty impressive and certainly worth a look!

    Now, on to the artists!


    First up on our list today is a versatile artist by the name of Audrarius. By versatile I mean they show excellent skills in both drawing ponies, but anthropomorphic characters as well showing a firm grasp of anatomy for different forms of our little ponies. Demonstrating an impressive command of lighting and coloring, Audrarius specializes mainly in art pieces that exhibit a serious tone, but excels just as well when a tender moment is needed. Check out some of their examples below!

    Audrarius' Gallery


    While lighting can really make a picture it all depends on how that lighting influences different aspects of the complete work. This is something that Nadnerb does to perfection in many of their pieces, especially in ones involving Celestia. Combined with their excellent technique when drawing wings, manes, and tails alongside superb backgrounds you end up with pieces that you can't afford to pass up!

    NadnerbD's Gallery


    What makes our next artist so impressive is the implements they use to create their artwork. While most artists featured here use tools such as a Wacom tablet combined with Photoshop or SAI Bratzoid comes to the plate with nothing more than an iPad. Showing great potential in their works you can only imagine what they might be able to pull off with more advanced equipment!

    Bratzoid's Gallery


    Last but not least on our list for today is another example of how shading and lighting and take a piece to the next level. Combined with proper linework, a 2D piece can be made to look almost 3D depending on the lighting and shading of the piece. Here-For-The-Ponies demonstrates this perfectly in quite a few of their pieces and gives them a certain realism you don't usually see in most digital pieces.

    Here-For-The-Ponies' Gallery

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