• Will Starlight Glimmer Return? What Theory Do You Have?

    If the art posts are any indication,  you all love some Starlight Glimmer.  Comics have been absolutely bombarded with her,  and if I wasn't on awful hotel internet,  I would have done an entire Drawfriend dedicated to the pony.  Whether you consider her a Nazi,  Communist, Cult leader,  or just plain crazy,  she was well loved as a villain.

    Quite a few theories are floating around as to her significance in the future.  We have had so many villains rise and fall,  with only  handful leaving a trace behind from which they can return.  Starlight straight up escaped in this instance,  without ever actually being defeated.  For once,  overconfidence wasnt her downfall,  something that pony tends to use quite a bit when it comes to two-parter endings. There was no reformation in her final run through that cave.  

    Will she return?  People I have talked to seemed to think she may be a recurring villain throughout the season,  traveling a step ahead of the mane 6 and causing all sorts of issues as they journey around Equestria.  Others have gone the more traditional approach,  saying she may return in a future season,  or be switched over to the MLP comics.

    What do you think? Hit the comments up!