• Nightly Roundup #1172

    You pull off the western look quite well Pinkie! Have you been taking tips from AJ? Actually... you better not have stolen that hat from her or she is going to be ticked at you.

    Nightly Roundup time my friends! Get it all after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Episode 6 of Scootertrix the Abridged!

    Another episode of Scootertrix heading your way everyone!

    True Equality Comic Dub

    It's so nice to see Veggie doing episode comics again. Really missed his stuff.

    Glass of Water on Printer

    Huh, this is new! Instead of floppies or HDD we have Glass of Water being played with a printer of all things. Madness!

    Starlight Glimmer in the Club

    If I don't get the sufficient amount of Starlight in the Roundups Seth beats me with a rubber hose. I hope this stays his wrath!

    Golden Oak Library Minecraft Replica!

    We all love the library and in honor of it a fan has made a Minecraft replica of it! Very nicely done!

    Rest Among the Stars

    A sad story tonight everyone. A fellow pony fan recently miscarried and drew this in memory of her lost child. She had been learning fan based lullabies for awhile now and really was looking forward to showing pony to her bundle of joy. Full story below:

    "Recently I lost my baby due to miscarriage. It would have been my first and I wanted to raise it on MLP. I learned so many fan made lullabies. It was that very day I finally learned all of Derpy's lullaby in fact. But when they told me I'd lost it, my boyfriend told me our baby was among the stars and would be watching over us and all our future children,
    It was those words that inspired this painting. I'm not one to seek out attention, but ever since I finished it I have felt it should be seen."

    Transcripts for The Cutie Map

    Alan Back is back once again with his transcripts for this season! Check below for links to his work.



    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    BABSCon Burger

    I guess a burger was making the rounds at BABSCon getting signed by all sorts of people! Even Peter New got in on the fun.

    "The video aside, I've also linked a dropbox folder on my account to a lot of photos Taps took during the burger signings. Some photos include Tarby, Sonya (the con chair), Braeburned, Automatic Jack, AC, Saberspark, Black Gryphon, Blue, Pika Petey, Omni, Line Monkey, Dusty, Bvids, Steffan Andrews, and a lot of other people who were just at the party (a lot of photos I didn't have for inclusion on the first email)."

    Get more information here!

    Brony S5 Premier

    A bunch of Bronies just having fun during the Season 5 premiere!

    Three ponies meeting G. M. Berrow

    This weekend at BronyFair in Berlin, the three ponies @Reedy_Creek, @DASPRiD and @qeteshpony had the honor to meet G. M. Berrow, get some pictures with her and have a nice chat.

    Picture by @JustATigerpony

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Musician in Need of Help

    Hello all, I'm Night Breeze / Wind Wolf, an active musician from the fandom since 2011, and programmer from Silly Mare Games (pony games like Harmony PCG, Choke on my Woona, SMG's Nightfall, and more), and I'm in need of help. I've been having some serious economic problems since November, and times have been quite complicated. I currently have no home, so I'm living in my mother's and step-father's house, but it can't go on like this any longer. They just can't afford to have me in here. I've been looking for a job since November as well, but to no luck. My country isn't that good economy-wise, and getting a job here is awfully hard. Besides, I'm still just a student.

    I'm stuck right now. My dream is and have always been to be a composer- I simply love music, it is my passion, it is truly what I love to do. I've developed myself in music for over a decade, and I don't want to give up on it.
    Luckily, I recently found out about Patreon, and a new window opened. It truly can help me get out of this mess, and go on. In case you don't know about it, it is a website developed to support artists, through which I can get a small income for each music track I compose. And it REALLY WORKS. Some people got on board already, and it has been helping me A LOT so far. I'm incredibly thankful to say that, with your help, I'd be able to keep growing on my music, and pursuing my passion.

    There's this chance, this BIG chance-- with your help, I KNOW things can be different. All I need is a small, tiny bit of support. A small economic aid for each new full track I compose (wether pony-related or pony-unrelated), usually just twice a month (never more than that). Doesn't matter how small the help is, it would make ALL the difference in the world to me. I'm currently only $30-per-track away from the first milestone! I know this can be done, and I'll keep working hard for it.


    Thank you, so much. Your help is HUGELY appreciated.

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Malaysian Bronies on Business Radio 89.9!

    We Malaysian bronies today got on a local radio called Business FM 89.9! 3 of them are the people who made The Friendship Express. This happened today on Saturday (our time).

    MLP Season 5 Episode 3 "Castle Sweet Castle" Reaction Highlights!

    BABSCon 2015 - Aficionados Chris

    My Little Pony Scientific Theories: Writing

    EQC Podcast: Episode 63 - 2nd Aneighversary Special

    EQC is celebrating it’s second year anniversary today! And what a better way to do so than to talk about the latest episode of the pony show with your regular hosts and co-hosts Owen, Sheldon and Corp aka CorupulentBrony. The tree may be gone but it’s memories can’t burn and those are the memories that we’re going to share during this celebratory episode of the podcast.

    "I'm Brony and I'm Proud" Update

    Join ‘Lucky Knight’ at 20:00 / 8pm AEST @TheHiveRadio. Tonight’s guests are the alluring Alexandre Peters (Content Creator and Gamer) and the gyrating Griffin Gerry (also a Content Creator and Gamer). We had the jumping Jess Flare (Content Creator and Gamer) as well as a special PonyConAU edition of the program last week, so check them out on our SoundCloud and upcoming YouTube channel.

    Thanks again to Black Gryph0n for letting us use “Proud to be a Brony” for our awesome intro and outro as well as the continued support everypony in Australia and beyond. Remember to like us and ‘Team Okay Streams’ on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ibaipshow and @TeamOkayStreams for exclusive downloads, updates and other content – YEAH!!! /)

    Kind Regards,

    Lucky Knight
    "I'm Brony and I'm Proud"

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibaipshow
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ibaipshow
    Web: https://soundcloud.com/ibaipshow

    D.E. Round Table: Episode 25 - 329 Days Later (Podcast)

    "D.E. returns with the Podcasts and our group of silly Bronies covering Season 5 with the Cutie Map! Trini going into a very personal and serious change in her life and briefly going into our BABSCON experiences, and trying to get the rust out of our mics from the long ponyless drought!

    It's been a long time but we're back baby!


    - RTT: Trini's Gender Transition: 3:31
    - Episode Review - The Cutie Map Part 1: 6:29
    - Episode Review - The Cutie Map Part 2: 10:47
    - Episode Opinion and Rating: 13:53
    - Pluggin' N' Pimpin': 41:44
    - D.E. Wrapup: 50:14
    - Credits: 53:08


    20 Reasons why we Love and Hate Legends of Equestria

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    April 13, 2011-2014

    2011 - A pony platformer game appears!

    2012 - 13 episodes revealed for season 3.

    2013 - Hasbro's 2012 report.

    2014 - Wave 10 Blindbags appear.

    Twitter: Calpain