• Music of the Day #481

    I've been told selfies are lame, but people do them anyway. I think that's the point. You know they are lame, but in some weird way it's sort of an inside joke with yourself and whoever you are taking it with. It's also really useful.

    Now duckface, duckface can die in a fire.

    Anyway, get your Music of the Day below!

    [1] Source
    [♫] The Living Tombstone - Stuck In Time [RUS] (Cover by Fobos) [60FPS]

    [2] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Under Our Spell (Brilliant Venture's Instrumental Dub Mix)

    [3] Source
    Screams From Equestria - This Forgotten Love

    [4] Source
    Harmonic - Dreaming

    [5] Source
    Alone -JS Wubs

    [6] Source
    The Wonderbolts - Golden Oaks

    [7] Source
    ertrii - Your Shadow

    [8] Source
    MLPFiM Main Theme Djent/ Pop Punk Cover
    Heavy Djent / Punk

    [9] Source
    Flyghtning - Ruined library