• Lee Tockar to Return to His Sea Serpent Roots With SeaBronies!

    The first Brony convention at seas is getting off to a wonderful start as Lee Tockar is also now expected to join in and let his natural seas serpentness shine!

    Interested in joining the first ever Brony cruise? Check out all the information you need after the break!

    Following up on SeaBronies’s earlier announcement of VIP Guest of Honor Andy Price (inaugural artist for the IDW ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ comics) for their 2015 East Coast event, Expedition 1, SeaBronies is delighted to announce VIP Guest of Honor Lee Tockar as the first announced VIP for their 2015 West Coast event, Expedition AlphaExpedition Alpha departs Long Beach, CA for Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico on August 14, 2014. The venue is the Carnival Inspiration, and the cruise will last 3 days.

    Prices through the cruise line start at $364.83 per person in total (including food) for a 4-person cabin occupancy, making cruising price-comparable to out-of-state conventions. Besides cruise fares, SeaBronies itself collects only a $40/person dues for community resources such as communal space, badges and the like.


    Mr. Tockar is perhaps best known to MLP fans as the voices of Steven Magnet and Snips. Within MLP:FiM, he has also voiced Uncle Wing (the Merchant Pony), Spot the Diamond Dog, the Beaver Foreman and an unnamed hippo-riding foal.

    Outside MLP, Mr. Tockar has voiced a wide variety of characters in dozens of TV shows, video games, and anime, including the title roles in 2007’s ‘George of the Jungle’ cartoon reboot and 2002’s ‘Yakkity Yak’.

    Mr. Tockar is also the founder of FanBuilta project where animators and producers can collaborate on major projects and compete for prizes.


    SeaBronies, established in February 2015, is a meetup group that holds all of its events on commercially available cruises rather than in conventional meetup venues. Not a “brony cruise provider”, but rather a facilitator of brony meetups and events ON cruises, SeaBronies aims to provide and curate fun experiences on cruises around the world for bronies, pegasisters and ponyfans. All venues are voted on by open vote among registered members, and all VIP appearances are funded by merchandise sales and Patreon supporters. Founding chairs of SeaBronies include the creators of BronyCon, BABSCon, and one of the two co-founders of Everfree Northwest.

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