• PonyVRVille Updates - Changelings Invade!

    PonyVRVille just keeps getting better and better! For those of you new to the game, it's basically a simulation of Ponyville that is Oculus Rift compatible and is filled with fun activities. I've watched it grow from a very simple walk about to a game that has dialogue, quests, and more.

    With this update there have been some changes to graphics, AI, and some new additions such as Changelings have been added! If you're curious check on after the break for the full breakdown on what is in this new edition and where you can download it.

    Back again with a new release, PonyVRville v0.0.4a now has Changelings, updated animations and logic, a river you can actually jump into, and a new start location! The full changelog follows, and the download can be found over athttp://kaitouace.com/vr if you have any questions or comments please tweet me @mylittleties 

    v0.0.4a 3/3/2015
    "Ponies in time"

    All ponies now using the same AI base for proper CelestAI overwatch class control.
    AI has been improved somewhat, ponies will behave themselves better.
    The players' pony body now randomizes color on startup. You still don't have a cutie mark, blank-flank.
    The river is now a real one that you will sink into, instead of walking on the surface. Now I won't have to hear the Jesus Pony joke at every con.
    River surface texture has been re-worked for transparency, along with underwater post volume and texture.
    More sounds have been added to animations.
    Game start location moved into an ugly house as people used to get stuck on top of town hall.
    A friendly video will play instructions if you care to watch them, though I know you won't of course.
    "T"/"Y" Teleport has been removed and disabled, as it was only disorienting people when they jumped around.
    The "Q"/"Left Shoulder" teleport should be enough to disorient people all by itself.
    Player can cycle projectiles from bolt of lightning to fireball to a bomb using "Tab"/"Right Shoulder."
    The bomb works on parasprites much in same the way that TNT works on carp.
    It is now possible to carry objects by looking at them and holding "Right Mouse Button"/"Left Trigger" (and release to drop).
    Oculus Rift SDK switched to 0.4.4, which likely to be soon outdated.
    More tweaks to pony pathfinding, but they're still mostly idiots. I blame Twist, who is therefore not appearing in this game.
    Changelings have been added. There are two bad guy Changelings, and one good/neutral one. It's Bon Bon, because reasons.
    You can zap a Changeling to remove their disguise, whereupon they'll try to get to cover and restore it.
    With Bon Bon her conversation text changes as you continue to zap her.
    The drone Changelings can't be reasoned with, but enough zaps and they'll fly away to find more peaceful fields.
    If not chased away Changelings will attack ponies, trapping them in green fire. Zap the stuck pony with any projectile to free them.
    The start house has been outfitted with a sandwich and a cider mug, neither modeled by me. You can carry them around though.
    There's a Discord somewhere in the map, if you find him, you can carry him around too.
    All ponies now share the same skeleton. This is simpler, if somewhat less hygenic. Fluttershy didn't speak up so hers was used.
    Miscellaneous old bugs have been swapped for new ones, discovering them is left as an exercise to the player.

    Still compatible only with Windows 64bit systems, and being UE4, it does like some power.