• Poll Results: Who is the Best Doctor Whooves Companion?

    Well, that was pretty pointless wasn't it? Seriously though, can you imagine how much Twilight Sparkle would freak at a chance to hang with The Doctor? The worlds she could see? The gigantic planet-sized library that would lead to an adorkable Twilight.exe meltdown? Derpy wouldn't appreciate that stuff nearly as much!

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    This one has been one I've wanted to do for a while, but it's so hard with how many genres there are out there. These are generally what pony fandom people tend to make though. Consider each to have a bit of leeway on what can enter. I can't list all 3000 genres or whatever madness the human race has concocted over the centuries. Feel free to use Other if yours doesn't fit in any.

    Which Pony/Brony Music Genre is your favorite? 
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