• GalaCon Announces Michelle Creber

    It seems her quest for her cutie mark has brought her accross the Atlantic. GalaCon has just announced that Michelle Creber will be headed to Ludwigsburg this summer.

    Find the press release over here or below the break.

    Crusading for her Cutie Mark brings Michelle Creber to GalaCon

    And we here are going to give our best to help her with that. Not only Michelle voices the youngest member of the Apple family - Applebloom - she also provides the singing voice for Sweetie Belle. And Michelle has a born talent and sure loves to sing, having shown in recording many great songs. Solo as well as in duets - for example with Black Gryphon, who has also worked as a singer for the show - or in group performances. Not to mention that she is also a talented young actress, that already performedin several roles on TV and on the theater stage.

    And to close the circle of music and family. She will accompanied by her mother Monique Creber. She has a wide-ranging career as a singer, voice actor, producer, director, teacher and performance coach in addition to managing the busy careers of her daughter Michelle and Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n). Monique has a long list of studio and TV credits including work she did on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - she conducted the At the Gala choir and sang on Smile Song, Hearth Carol & Super Speedy Cider Squeezy.
    With them joining the other wonderful guests of GalaCon 2015, we will sure it will be a total blast.

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