• Free Pony Cards to Meetup Groups and CCG Play Groups!

    Last time Enterplay did this, over 7000 cards were sent off to hundreds of fan groups, spreading Break Dancing Twilight Sparkles and Luna having Too Much Fun all across the world.

    Well, here we go again! Burst of Speed was the winner card at The Crystal Game prerelease events and hasn't really been seen since, and this is the first wide release of Maud Pie, Let's Play "Camouflage" ever!

    These cards are free to ANY My Little Pony fan group. Doesn't matter if you guys have never even tried MLP: CCG or if you're on Team Pandeponium, these cards are for you. Two important notes:

    • All mailing information is collected again from scratch. Even if you were in the last mailing your group liaison still needs to fill out the following form!
    • Your liaison should fill out the form ASAP! The deadline is midnight Pacific time next Tuesday the 17th.

    So choose one member of your group to be the liaison to the MLP: CCG Fan Group Support Program and send them to this form! Plus, it sounds like some groups are also going to get "extra Enterplay goodies," so there's no reason to miss out on this.