• Discussion: Which Writers are You Most Excited to See in Season 5? Who Would You Like to See Collab On One?

    We have a requested discussion post today (feel free to submit those). We have a full list of writers that worked on season five over here (Note: S5 spoilers). Some are new, others are returning, and all of them have their own unique styles that we sometimes see themed in the actual episodes. If you follow the writing staff at all, I'm sure you people have your favorites.

    So, question one: Who is your favorite writer that you are most looking forward to seeing in season 5? 

    Now for part two!

    While these guys do seem to trade ideas pretty often if their panel Q&A's are any indication, there are quite a few episodes specifically listed as being co-written, usually with Meghan thanks to that whole head writer thing.  Power Ponies brought in both Charlotte Fullerton and Betsy McGowen though.

    Who do you want to see collab it up for the 5th season? Maybe a Pinkie Pie episode with M.A. Larson and Amy Keating Rogers? Or perhaps some Meghan teaming up with Josh Haber on a Luna losing her mind in a creepy castle episode?

    Again, you can get the writer list over here. CTRL+F "writing staff" if you want to skip over the spoilery bits.