• 7 Days of Pony - Rarity

    7 Days. That's a week! We have just a week of waiting to go!

    Four years ago when I first stumbled upon the wonderful world of pony, there was one character I went in expecting to absolutely hate. A fashion crazy, materialistic, prince obsessed drama queen?! Every single one of those goes against my nature! Rarity was doomed!

    I was so wrong...

    Look Before you sleep rolled around, and suddenly Rarity became... tolerable. I was starting to crack. Would I fall for this pony that represents my polar opposite? Hell yeah I did. I fell harder than a bowling ball dropped from the space station. Suited for Success happened, Rarity lost her materialistic little mind in the most spectacular crazy cat lady way possible, and I suddenly found a new favorite pony for WEEKS. If you know me, ponies don't last WEEKS. Only TRIXIE lasts WEEKS. And shes a god not a pony!

    The voice acting, the Rarity tantrums, the slapstick! Rarity is pretty much a parody of the ridiculousness of the fashion industry, and I love every second of it. So today, we celebrate 2nd best* fashion horse.

    Hit the comments with all the ways Rarity has CHANGED YOUR LIFE!