• What We Know About Season 5 So Far - Rumors, Reveals, and More!

    Since there seems to be quite a few new and returning people lately, I figured it might be a good time to compile up all of the season 5 information we have since it was revealed at SDCC last year.  While we sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for a release date (assuming they didn't lose the hard drive or something), lets see if we can't make some connections!

    And if you want to keep following our season five coverage, be sure to bookmark the label for it. EQD can be a bit overwhelming, so I don't blame any of you that can't keep up!

    Head on down below the break for a big recap of everything we know about season 5 so far, along with some potential leads.

    Major Reveals So Far

    Map of Equestria superimposed on Twilight's new castle map, showing Griffons.  (Thanks to Charelz for the image)

    Concept art from over here, again, very similiar to the griffons on Twilight's map.

    General (Many from SDCC): 
    Episode 100:

    • No mane 6, all background/minor ponies
    • Doctor Whooves, and very heavily hinted that he is similar to the actual Doctor Who version
    • Some fan-established background pony personalities will be seen, while others will have entirely new ones. 
    • As many background ponies crammed into it as they can, while still having a fun story 
    • While they aren't allowed to read fanfiction to avoid a conflict of ideas, they are still very aware at what is popular.  

    • Maud Pie returns in a Hearths Warming (Christmas) episode

    Pony Movie:
    • It is completely 100% Pony, no Equestria Girls
    • They are going all out on it, to make sure it doesn't just feel like an extended episode


    Equaltown/Mayor Marx:

    We've seen quite a bit of this episode already. Mayor Marx (name pending) looks to be a villain in one trailer, and a friend in the next. It could even be that song teaser we have above from Lena Hall. 

    To really dig into what appears to be the season intro, hit up our followup.  It does a lot better job of digging into it than this post would.


    • David Tennant voices Doctor Whoof at some point (very low chance, but it never got fully debunked)
    • Discord jealous of others stealing Fluttershy time (John de Lancie mentioned this at a panel) 
    • Some believe Discord's origins are going to be a thing based on the lack of a Discord FIENDship is Magic comic

    Writing Staff
    Original Post Here

    Meghan McCarthy (Don't believe her lies!)

    M.A. Larson (MAGIC DUEL, And a ton of other episodes, you know him!)

    G.M. Berrow (New to season 5, writes the books)

    Amy Keating Rogers (Loads of episodes as well, Pinkie Pride, Testing 1, 2, 3, and many more)

    Cindy Morrow (Sisterhooves Social, Hurricane Fluttershy, and loads more!)

    Dave Polsky (Rarity Takes Manehattan, Twilight Time, for Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils, and More!)

    Josh Haber (New with season 4, wrote Castle Mane-ia and Leap of Faith)

    Natasha Levinger (Pinkie Apple Pie, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies)

    Scott Sonneborn (Somepony to Watch Over Me and Trade Ya!)

    Noelle Benvenuti (Maud Pie)

    Nick Confalone (New with season 5, writing for a Pie Family episode apparently, worked on Johnny Test and Fish Hooks)

    Neal Dusedau (New - Johnny Test and Fish Hooks)

    Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco (Also new with season 5, Mighty B, Fanboy, and Chum Chum writers)