• Story: The Iridescent Iron Rat


    Author: horizon

    Description: Crime was easy in the days before Princess Twilight and the First Five ushered in a golden age of Harmony. Back then, any idiot could plan a heist, just like any rat could sneak through the cracks in the wooden granary walls. But now that everything is cloudstone and clearsteel, with magical countermeasures over the few remaining holes, it takes a different breed of rat to survive.

    "Slippery" Jimmy the Grey is one of the rare few who can still slip through the cracks — even with the legendary Rainbow Corps on his tail. Now he's got a billion-bit heist planned in the gleaming skyscrapers of Cloudsdale. If only he hadn't made the mistake of stealing from a dragon …
    (This is a crossover with Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat novels, but it assumes no knowledge of the series.)

    The Iridescent Iron Rat

    Additional Tags: A high-tech pony heistfic