• Season 5 and It's IMDB Air Date - Clarification

    We have been getting quite a few emails about this (which we don't mind at all, keep the news flowing), so I figured I'd get a bit of a clarification thing up to dispel any rumors.

    IMDB is editable by anyone, with an extra tier for certain specific editors at the IMDbPRO level. While the April 2015 release date was added at this level, it's still not a confirmation on when we will actually see season 5. Along with this, it has a fan edited synopsis that was added a few months ago based on what we know so far.

    So unfortunately, we still don't have a real season 5 date. It may end up being correct, but it's not official confirmation by any means.  This also works for Wikipedia, which joins IMDB in being community run.

    When the official air date does appear, expect us to EXPLODE with happiness.