• Music of the Day #454

    Remember that episode where Dashie joined the Wonderbolts cheer-leading squad, but got removed from the team after fighting with Fireflye over the strict 6 AM practice times that were "way too early for a pegasus of my level to function properly"? Good times.

    Get some Music of the Day below!

    [1] Source
    Flyghtning and Sonia - The one who I love [cover of Gabry Ponte - The man in the moon]

    [2] Source
    Flutterwonder (RMX)

    [3] Source
    Someplace Beckons Near - Callenby
    World Orchestral

    [4] Source
    I've Got to Find a Way (R3ctifier Remix)

    [5] Source
    &I ft. Giggly Maria - Dive (Metapony remix)
    Progressive House

    [6] Source
    Nicolas Dominique & Dalken - Equal

    [7] Source
    That Dashie Tho

    [8] Source
    Aviators - Constellations (Rock Cover)

    [9] Source
    The Twilight Will Rise (Cover)