• Music of the Day #452

    Bats and Music of the day are like echo location and... not crashing? I have no idea where I was going with that. 

    Anyway, get some Music of the Day.

    [1] Source
    United - Ray Scratch And Talín Aqua
    Spanish Electro

    [2] Source
    Sun and Moon - original mix RedSpark

    [3] Source
    Royalpony and Traycer- United Within Us

    [4] Source
    Progressive Element - Archie Main Street Remix

    [5] Source
    Outside The Stable [Original by NyxTheShield]
    Dark Ambient

    [6] Source
    For Ember

    [7] Source
    MLP: FiM Image Song 23 Tirek - Overlord (Live from Tartarus) by B 86ed

    [8] Source
    Shurrikane - Equestria Laboratories [♫]

    [9] Source
    [DnB] For Cadenza

    [10] Source
    Element of Kindness (from the "Bride of Discord" Soundtrack)

    [11] Source
    Luna Gymnopédie (Original Music)