• Top 10 BEST Pony Fan Animations of 2014!

    Animation is literally the reason why we are all here.  If DHX and friends didn't bring us the pony, we never would have happened in the first place.  Luckily, our fandom has some of that same talent producing the amazing stuff that gets us through these incredibly painful hiatus each year.  Fan animations take a LONG time to make. I don't think some people realize the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into a lot of the bigger projects out there.

    Just look at that pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows up there. Fandom SUPERIORITY.

    And so, we celebrate it! 2014 had so many amazing ones, getting it down to just 10 was near impossible. Of all the categories this series of posts has and will have, it was the one we feared doing the most. Obviously, your personal 10 might not agree with ours, but I don't think there is a top list out there that satisfies everyone.

    Now go! Head on down below the break for our top 10 pony fan animations of 2014!

    Note: Similar to the SFM post, we will be doing a separate one for SHORT (sub 1 minute) animations. 


    It's labeled as an animatic, which we may be compiling in a separate compilation in a bit, but I think it falls more on the animation side than anything.  Friendship is Witchcraft has always been one of the best sources of catchy fan music, and How Applejack Won the War was somewhere up there with Gypsy Bard for how completely off the wall it was.

    The animatic itself is fast paced, loads of fun, completely custom drawn, and a great visualization of the song. We debated for a while on it, but in the end it earns the 10th slot. 

    (and finally something other than apples for Applejack!)


    Amethyst Star is a pony I've seen a million times, but didn't even know the name of until this animation popped up. The poor, disgruntled Ponyvillian has to deal with all sorts of crap now that the Elements of Harmony have set up shop in her once peaceful town.  With neighbors like Discord and a disaster rate that would make you ragequit in Sim City, It's a surprise she hasn't moved to somewhere safer by now. Or maybe the mane 6 follow her? Didn't she pop up in Manehattan? poor Amethyst...

    With a catchy tune and a hilarious look at the life of a background pony, this one easily grabs a slot in the top list for 2014. 

    (I'd still want to live there...)


    Back when I worked at Blockbuster, I watched and rewatched every cheesy Kung Fu movie I could get my hands on from their archives. I love that crap.  Fight choreography is something that is difficult to pull off with 4 legged characters, but Once Upon a Time in Canterlot made it happen.

    Fast forward to the 2014 sequel, aiming more toward an "Escape" style, with loads of really well done scene shifting and some incredibly smooth animation.  Amazingly enough, Amethyst Star once again plays the major role.  Did she sneak some subliminal messaging into the 4th season to get all this love?

    Anyway, have a #8 slot Guardian.  You earned it.


    We actually debated posting this one, since it's technically not even up on the official channel anymore.  Jan Animation's C&D was one of the worst parts of the last year.  In what seems like a mixup with people getting the axe for using those leaked assets from DHX a while back, he still hasn't been able to break through Hasbro's legal blockade.

    Luckily, this is the internet, and killing something once it releases is impossible. We couldn't not include this one. The epitome of show accurate animation, combined with top notch voice work, makes it one of the best of the year. 


    It doesn't really matter what fanon you follow in relation to Discord here.  He has been shifted into just about every category out there, from shipping it up with Celestia, to a curse that transformed him into a monster from a pony.  Apparently this one was based on a fanfic.  Regardless of your category though, Chip if Discord is cute. Duo Cartoonist doesn't release things often, but when they do, it's usually a big deal.


    Season 4 was one of the most well received of all if our polls were any indication.  The drama of the past was already over with, and the team over at DHX pulled off turning Twily into a princess without the dreaded horrible possibilities that a  major change like that brings.

    But what happens over at the studios when the talking cartoon horses summoned from a questionable portal at Lauren Faust's summer home are working on a new episode? What kind of banter goes on behind the scenes?

    This one was just fun, and well worth including in our top list for the year.


    I have to admit, I've never actually played The Sims outside of sitting behind a friend in middle school as we set the house on fire and removed the doors.  Yeah, I was a weird kid with weird friends.

    Yudhaikeledai has given us a plethora of video game crossover animations over the years, with his most recent installment focusing on The Sims.  This year marked the second and third episodes, and they are even more glorious than the first.  I really want to play this game.  Here's to hoping further episodes continue to release long into the future, andd here's to also hoping EA sees it and releases an actual worthwhile expansion for once. Make it happen EA. That pony License is just begging for a Sims game.

    (Now back to genociding orcs and ogres.  These epics won't farm themselves)


    I read a few weeks ago (I think on Reddit?) that the only movie this year that made huge amounts of money that was it's own unique story, setting, and brand, was Interstellar.  Everything else big budget was based on something, be it a superhero movie or a sequel.  That's one of the reasons why this one is so nice.  It's taking completely Original Characters and makes you care about them in just four minutes.

    And to top it off, the animation is some of the better stuff we see in the fandom.  BAT PONIES take number 3, not because EQD loves BATS, but because it is good.

    (alright there might be a tiny bit of bat bias)


    It's Fluffle Puff. There have been a boatload of episodes over the last year, from holiday themed to the usual stuff based on the Tumblr. Ignoring these would literally turn the submit box into a fireplace with outrage, so giving it a top slot was inevitable.

    Seriously though, these are great. I don't know anyone that doesn't like them.  Maybe you commenters can fix that. 


    Silly Filly Studios is one of those groups that releases maybe one or two major projects a year, and with good reason. The amount of effort they put into them is top notch.  I still see snowdrop fan art constantly in the Drawfriend posts here, and that released almost 2 years ago!

    Their big drop back in May was the long awaited Fall of the Crystal Empire, promising glorious Luna and Celestia battling it out with a much more interesting version of King Sombra.  This is what it's all about right here readers.  This is what fandoms are for.  Sombra had his day, and he never would have if it wasn't for the fandom fueling the need for it.  

    (because deciding this sh*t is hard yo)

    It's Dark Souls with Twilight Sparkle. What's not to love? If I wasn't afraid of the hate mail, I'd give this one #1! PRAISE THE SUN

    Screw winter.  It's like 30-50 degrees out here and I can't get out of bed in the morning because of it.  I can't imagine what you all are going through. At least you have snow.

    The animation on these is always a little bit crude, but I think that is the stylistic point.  Regardless, its a lot of fun anyway. 

    My Little Portal (The Series)

    The My Little Portal series has been going on for a few years now, with a few new installments (mainly shorts) this past 12 months.  For pony and portal, its surprisingly dark.  Our only complaint is how the episodes sometimes drag a bit.  The last one was a whopping 38 minutes without the credits. 

    Pony High (The Series)

    Short little mini episodes about a high school over in Equestria, that only makes the world look slightly more crazy. With a fully custom style, it's worth checking out. 

    This one was met with mixed reactions from the various EQD staff chats. As always, incredible animation from Duo Cartoonist, but the OC pony chosen as the head (who is apparently a commission?) is definitely reaching into that Hyper Mary Sue territory.  With only a trailer to really base anything off of though, it's hard to judge. For that reason, it didn't sneak up to the top slots, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing where it leads from here.

    (Not that I hate Mary Sue. I've watched many the Shonen anime and loved every second of the EXPLOSIVENESS. The other EQD staffers are just squares.)



    DECEMBER 31ST 2013. Really? I'll be honest, we probably would have given it the #1 or #2 slot. How could you do this to us Luna? What were you thinking Celestia? Why didn't we do an animation top 10 last year?

    An outrage. An absolute outrage.  If we weather this hiatus, expect us to never skip a top 10 for the year again.  

    And that about covers it! 2014 absolutely rocked it on the animation front, and there were so many more we wanted to include but couldn't fit.  From the Doctor Whooves Adventures to that Raycord Legends thing, it was near impossible to decide.

    Expect more top 10's as January continues on! Turns out these posts take forever to do. Top 10 Animatics set for tomorrow!

    And be sure to check out the earlier top 10 SFM videos of 2014!