• The Most Dangerous Game 2 Judges List Released And Prize List Updated

    More news on The Most Dangerous Game 2: More Dangerouser. We've got the judges ready.

     Head on below the cut to meet the varied folks and find out what new prizes have been added.

    First up, the judges and advisors.

    Couch Crusader In an official advisory condition for his excellent job running the Outside Insight Contest
    The Masked Ferret General motivator and advisor

    Obselescence The head and one who started it all.
    John Perry Voice of sanity
    Alexstrazsa Not the dragon
    Burraku Pansa Under appreciated author
    Csquared08 Helicoprion
    GAPJaxie Intellectual giant
    Pen Stroke Celebrity guest who is letting us bash at his ideas.
    ROBCakeran53 Polarising figure and all around good person.
    Twilight Snarkle Sarcastic to the last
    Jake the army guy Military specialist
    RazgrizS57 Something witty goes here
    Professor Plum General roustabout in the kitchen, with the pen.

    The prize list can be seen here, and the newest addition is a copy of the game Shovel Knight kindly donated by the excellent pony known as Stopwatch. To see the full prize list check out this post.