• Old Grey Mare IDW Show Tonight!

    Hey guys! Do you like podcasts about tiny horses? Do you like comics about tiny horses?! Well then you're going to have to check under the break, because you might get the chance to have your pony drawn by an IDW artist! Plus, an auction, and a special guest announcement from Babscon!!

    The IDW MLP:FiM comics have taken the comics world (not to mention the brony world!) by storm.
    Ever wanted to get drawn by an IDW Limited comics artist— You know, the amazing artists who draw those limited-edition pony comics? Tonight, YOU CAN BID ON THAT. All for charity.

    BABSCon fans: Did you want one of those High Society Pony badges that are currently SOLD OUT? Tonight, you can bid on one! Also for charity! And .... did we mention that there will be a guest announcement from BABSCon LIVE on the show?
    And how about a star-studded IDW Comics panel featuring:

    • Artist ANDY PRICE!
    • Colorist HEATHER BRECKEL!
    • Writer KATIE COOK!
    • Cover artist & Micro Series artist TONY FLEECS!

    And special guest co-host:

    • IDW Limited pony artist JENN BLAKE!

    Tonight at 9PM Eastern / 8PM Central / 6PM Pacific, you won't want to miss The Old Grey Mare Episode 10: Focus on OFFICIAL PONY COMICS!

    And even if you can't tune in, be sure to check out the amazing Charity Auctions page TONIGHT: Several of these items go off the auction block by the end of the show TONIGHT! This page lists what's available, plus which charities each item's sale will benefit. But you can't bid if you don't go there!

    See you tonight on the show! Be sure to tune in!
    ~~ The Old Grey Mare