• Friendship is Magic Apparently Dropping from Netflix on the 2nd of February

    While January 1st didn't mark the end of Friendship is Magic on Netflix, it appears that February 2nd may be the date when it officially does leave the streaming service.  The image above lists the "availability" date, and multiple calls and chats to Netflix has confirmed that it is legit.

    There may be a way to save it though.  A few moments ago I spoke to one of their representatives on the live chat service to double confirm. They basically confirmed it, but also noted that my account would be marked letting the higher ups know that there is demand for it to remain. Here's to hoping we can get a renegotiation going on the contract with Hasbro

    You can find the full transcript below the break!

    (Thanks to Derpkit and Evan for sending it) 

    (NOTE: Update over here)

    Talk with customer service agent:

    Netflix Support: 
    Hi I'm [redacted] your agent for today. How may I help make your experience with NETFLIX better?

    Hey [redacted]
    We keep getting submission saying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is being pulled on the 2nd of February from Netflix. Is this legit?

    Netflix Support:
    Oh man let me check this right away for you hang with me.


    Netflix Support:
    Thanks for the wait its true I see that the title is expiring on the 2md .Hey trust me, no one understand more than me, they call me 'Customer Lawyer' here because I defend the titles that customers want right up until we get that streaming license to get it up on our site. Most of the titles that we have come from customer suggestions so what I'm definitely going to note this on your account as a suggestion so that my guys can see it. And if you have any more ideas of what we should get I'd love to take those too.