• Discussion: Potential Third Monthly Ongoing MLP Comic Series

    On December 27th, IDW MLP Editor Bobby Curnow tossed up that post onto the IDW My Little Pony forums. Normally, this would be something that would go up the night it's spotted to much joy in the land.

    However, the post boils down to something is coming in April. What that something is, we're probably going to find out sometime during the middle of the month. In the meantime, we have an opportunity for discussion.

    What do you think a third ongoing My Little Pony Comic would be like? More slice of life tales? Perhaps adventures to the far reaches of Equestria and beyond? Stories that explore the past? Celestia and Luna's Excellent Adventure? A series focusing on a cast of completely original characters?

    What could it be? What would make you curious enough to pick up a third MLP Comic? Or do you think that it's a bid idea and would only serve to ruin the brand?

    Discuss below.