• Bronies for Good Releases 'Bound Together'

    Bronies for Good has done a lot of wonderful charity work over the years and is happy today to announce a new and unique project to start off the new year! Introducing 'Bound Together' a comic and art anthology of 64 pages featuring some of the fandom's best artists.

    Interested? Well, the book itself is going to be mainly available at conventions, but before it debuts they are taking a number of pre-orders right now for those of you who can't make it to a convention.

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    Bound Together: The Comic and Art Anthology for Charity

    We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Bound Together, an original charity comic and art anthology. Bringing together a team of some of the best artists in the fandom, this high-quality, full color and professionally printed book will feature up to 64 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces that will inspire and delight. Based around the themes of teamwork and togetherness and in the spirit of our favorite pony show, it will be thoroughly enjoyable to readers of all ages. All profits will go towards the Against Malaria Foundation's outstanding prevention program.

    The artists who are making this binding spell possible are: 
    Kefkafloyd (project director), AdlynhBakertoonsJowybeanLeekfishMuffinshirePixelkittiesPonywiseSofas And QuillsSpectralunicornStarry Night, and Steve Holt!

    How Can I Get It?

    The book is primarily intended for the convention scene and will be available at most major American and European MLP conventions, debuting at BABSCon on April 3, 2015. 
    However, for people who cannot attend conventions and in order to help us cover the costs of printing the books, we will also ship a limited amount of books to people who preorder. The special preorder price is $25 plus $4 for shipping, and we’re aiming for ninety preorders. If you are interested in getting the book shipped to you as soon as it is printed, please preorder below. Thank you!

    As a bonus for those that preorder the book, you’ll receive an official Bronies for Good pin along with your book!

    In addition to preordering the book, you can also donate additional funds directly to the project. All funds donated after printing and shipping costs are covered will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation.

    Who Does It Benefit?

    Just like all proceeds from our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser, the revenue from Bound Together (minus printing costs) will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation. Malaria afflicts 200 million people and causes about 600,000 deaths a year. That’s over 1,600 deaths per day or one per minute. But it can be easily prevented.

    The Against Malaria Foundation funds long-lasting insecticide-coated bed nets to help prevent the spread of malaria by mosquitoes. These nets are the most cost-effectiveness means of malaria prevention. AMF stands out in particular because of its strong track record and its commitment to efficiency, program monitoring, and transparency. It is one of the most provably effective charities in the world.

    For further motivation why you should donate to AMF as well, here an introduction to effective altruism.

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