• Anime Themed Store in Illinois Has a Ton of Plushies - A Whopping 31 Characters in All!

    While not the most show accurate on proportions and style, these guys get an A for effort in terms of variety.  A store called Hello Anime in in Schaumburg, Illinois has 31 different characters displayed, with even some lower key ones like Cherry Jubillee and Soarin making an appearance. A few of them have already been purchased by the person that sent the picture in, so they may only have a very limited stock of each.

    Head on down below the break for the full list! As for the brand, they look to be following that Japanese lineup that creeps into claw machines, but we don't yet have an exact. 

    Pony Plushie List

    1. Twilight Sparkle (unicorn)
    2. Princess Twilight Sparkle (alicorn)
    3. Princess Celestia (she looks kind of derped though)
    4. Princess Luna
    5. Nightmare Moon
    6. Princess Cadance
    7. Applejack
    8. Fluttershy
    9. Flutter-bat
    10. Pinkie Pie
    11. Rarity
    12. Rainbow Dash
    13. Derpy
    14. Gilda
    15. Trixie Lulamoon
    16. Chrysalis
    17. Shining Armor
    18. Daring Do Dazzle
    19. Dr. Hooves
    20. Discord
    21. Cherry Jubilee
    22. Applebloom
    23. Scootaloo
    24. Sweetie Belle
    25. Lyra Heartsrings
    26. Sweetie Drops (Bon Bon)
    27. King Sombra
    28. Soarin
    29. Coco Pommel
    30. Spike
    31. Zecora