• Top 50 Pony Music Countdown Airs Today!

    It's New Year's Eve and you know what that means! That's right, the Top 50 Pony Music Countdown is ready to air today thanks in large part to your votes. If you want some nice pony tunes check out the info below on how you can participate.

    Over 10,000 votes went into this year's race, so many that we had to run two rounds to narrow down finalists. Also, we're totally trying to raise money for Bronies for Good. Donate, or use the hashtag #PonyTop50 on Twitter to be entered for the drawing to win cool prizes like art, collectible cards, and even a mini twilight sparkle plushie!

    Tune in December 31, 2014 from around 1pm to 7pm EST (6pm-midnight GMT) as your host, the man they call Toast, counts them down on Ponyville Live's Fillydelphia Radio!

    Twitter: Calpain