• Equestria Daily Q & Neigh on New Year's Eve!

     Hey Folks! Have you ever wanted to know why Pegasus Rescue Brigade is so obsessed with Derpy? Or how Alexstrazsa feels being one of the longest running Pre-Readers? Or how I manage to keep the Pre-Readers in line?

     Now you can!

     The Equestria Daily Q & Neigh is happening at 4 pm EST on December 31st 2014. Or 9pm GMT, 1pm CET, and 8am Eastern Australia.

     It'll be happening right here in a bright shiny Google Hangout. You can tune in and watch us ramble and generally be silly and unprofessional. We'll also upload it after it's done so those of you who missed it or want to keep it for memories won't be left out.

     We'll need stuff to talk about, that's where you come in. Leave questions in the comments or tune in and ask us while it's going on. Either way, it should be a lot of fun.

     We'll do out best to get as many folks as we can but we can promise that Alexstrazsa, Pegasus Rescue Brigade, Myself, Midnight Shadow, Gameleon will be there. We'll do our best to have even more people too.

     We'll make sure to make a post when it goes live and make sure to leave your questions and comments below.