• Courage is Magic 1.18 Releases! Full Dungeons and Dragons Conversion For all YouTable Toppers Out There

    I remember the days rolling the d20 around. Good times.  Courage is Magic has released it's new update, with a bunch of classes, weapons, and more to keep that Dungeons and Dragons style pony madness going long into the future. The full update note can be found below the break!

    New Class: Spirit of Embers – Dragons scorch the lands of Equestria, claiming dominance in a baptism of fire that will soak the lands.

    New Class: Spirit of Shadows – Darkness falls, and in it lurks these ponies that leave even the stoutest foes quivering in fear.

    New Advanced Class: Royal Guard – Join the soldiers that look over the Princesses! Honesty ponies can now take up the emblematic armor of the royal guard in the name of their allies.

    New Race: Earth Dragons – These scaled beasts roam the land, building up hoards of treasure to satiate their greed. Will they be a strong new ally, or a dangerous foe to contend with?

    More Weapons – By far one of the most popular additions to Courage is magic, enjoy eight new arms to bring into battle, complete with powers that will devastate all in your way.

    More Merits – 31 merits await players looking to expand their options with characters. Discover new ways to use your trained skills, or abilities that will help you reach new heights.

    Balance – Based on feedback and play testing, many of the powers, racials and merits have been retooled to encourage better gameplay and a more diverse party choice.

    New Character Sheets – Thanks to Trollestia, we have a new character sheet that takes into account proper numbers, new sections and is better aligned to the system.

    DMing Section Preview – At the end of the book before the new character sheets, you can take a look at what the DMing guide will be looking like. Courage is Magic will have a complete campaign, a crafting system and monsters attached to it to be picked up and ready to play.
    A Team of Designers – This will be my last edition I release by myself. I have gathered together a group of brilliant minds just as enthusiastic about the system as I am, and we’ll be pushing new boundaries while refining what we have at a much faster pace!

    Go get Courage is Magic 1.8 over here!