• Twilight Vs. Tirek In 60(ish) FPS

    I think this will probably be the extent of our 60 FPS hype for a bit, but google adding this feature inevitably meant we'd have to post a Twilight Vs. Tirek fight in the mock version of actual 60 frames.

    A few people are confused, so I'll clear some things up!

    First off, most movies and TV you watch, be it cartoons or live action, are shown in 24 FPS. This is why it may seem a little awkward at first.  The 60 FPS thing has grown over the years largely due to video games, which look and play substantially better at a higher framerate.  60 has always been the goal, as over that it becomes hard to really tell any difference.

    Anyway, get your Twilight Fight below!