• Tumblr Spotlight: Ruffled Feathers / Rarijack Daily / Miss Pie's Monsters / Ask Saint Colarix

    Heya gang! Sorry it has been about a month since the last Artist and Tumblr Spotlights. Between Nightmare Nights, getting sick on my birthday, getting sick after Nightmare Nights, and then feeling super depressed for a week it has been hard to keep up. Never fear though, we're back and hopefully gonna get these on schedule!

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Update: If you have been featured before and were in hiatus and are coming back you can inform me at [email protected]! I am starting a section at the end of spotlights that will point out tumblrs coming out of hiatus so people can check them out.

    Now on to the tumblrs!

    Ruffled Feathers

    Ruffled Feathers was mentioned in the Tumblr Spotlight before back when it was a Gilda and Lightning Dust ask blog. It has since gone under major revisions and has become basically a new blog in its own right.

    Following a disappointed Lightning Dust after the events of Wonderbolt Academy, the young pegasus flies off into distant lands to get away from her past. After crash landing she finds herself in a Griffon settlement with a broken wing and learns to adjust to her new home. Filled with small animations that really give the comics life alongside lovable characters you're sure to find something to love in Ruffled Feathers.

    Ruffled Feathers - Current Page - First Page

    Rarijack Daily

    Ever since the start and end of Twily Daily, a huge number of Daily tumblrs have popped up to take a turn at the theme. One such tumblr is operated by the extremely talented WhiteDiamonds whose work has ended up on EqD many times before. In her take on the Daily theme she has decided to tackle Rarijack, producing lovable and cuddly pictures of the two mares in all sorts of situations.

    If you're a shipper or just love cute things check out Rarijack Daily!

    Rarijack Daily - Current Page - First Page

    Miss Pie's Monsters

    While I do like to put my own spin on what a tumblr is about, sometimes the author provides a description that works so well I can't really add much to it:

    In a world where Equestria is split between Equestrian ponies and Everfree ponies, an oddball psychic Earth pony claims to be on a mission from Celestia to unite the two groups in friendship. This positively pink pony has gathered an array of Everfree ponies and currently attempts to assimilate them to Equestrian ways. But perhaps getting this rambunctious group to bridge the gap between Equestrian ponies and Everfree ponies will be easier said than done!

    Sounds like an interesting parallel universe! If monsters are your thing or just ponies with ridiculously cute ears then give this one a shot.

    Miss Pie's Monsters - Current Page - First Page

    OC Ponies have really taken off within the past year or two. As the stories with canon characters get harder and harder to come by sometimes it's fun just to create your own characters and have at it! Ask Saint Colarix stars leading pony Saint and her brother Johan. Originally from the north, Saint is visiting her bro in Manehattan when all sorts of crazy adventures break out.

    If you're looking for another set of cute ponies to follow check out Saint and Johan!

    Ask Saint Colarix - Current Page