• Story: This Game of Mine (Update Part 23!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Swan Song

    Description:  Sweetie Belle, a fine young lady in her preteen years, has secretly been turning to video games as a means of relief from her insecurities. Now a talented member of an elite team of gamers from around the world, she has come to rely on her new friends for companionship and support as she bears the escalating pressures of her coming-of-age.

    But when a sudden gaming cutie mark reveals her secret to everyone she knows, she's forced to contend with her uncertainties over what it means for her destiny, along with a fresh wave of bullying at school, jealousy from her closest friends, and mounting expectations from her family.
    To make matters worse, fears of a looming conflict between Equestria and Gryphos have resulted in a national atmosphere of war-wariness, creating skepticism towards depictions of violence in the young gaming industry and a distrust for gryphonkind that is poised to threaten her relationship with a cherished gryphon teammate.
    But as she takes her first unsteady steps towards adulthood, she may learn that she's not the only one hiding a secret, and that perhaps her journey to self-discovery isn't one she need make alone.

    This Game of Mine (New Part 23)

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