• Random Merch: City Scooter, Analog Watch, Bubble Bath, and More!

    Wow, I neve thought I'd see the day when we have full on city scooters rolling around.  How long until we get a MLP themed bugatti? Get on it rich people.  I know one of you out there has billions and no idea what to do with it. Send me a few million while you are at it too.

    Its time for RANDOM MERCH.  Everything from the kinda cool to the "why would anyone buy this?". Get it all below!

    Analog Watch with Flashing Lights Le Gasp!


    See what I did there? ooohhhh. 

    Found at Walmart in Quebec by Frith!

    Pony Bubble Bath


    Get it at Walmart again! Thanks to Frith!

    More Bed Stuff

    How many of you are actually filling your rooms with  pony bedding? How many of you are doing it at your dorms in college?

    Glitter Pens

    I used to use these in school. I got so many weird looks.

    Found at Claires by mlpon3

    Pony Poncho

    I don't think it could cover your average brony.  Found at Walmart though by jsrkr!

    Universal Portable Pinkie Pie Speaker

    But does it convert all of your music to be sung in Pinkie Pie's voice?

    Found by jskr at Toys R Us.


    Twilight Sparkle has a secret candy addiction apparently.

    Found by Chloe at Target

    Pony Charm Set Thing

    Found at Khols.

    Thanks to JoLee for the heads up!