• Random Merch: Body Pillow, Alarm Clocks, Lamps, and More!

    We have seen a lot of body pillows over the years here on EQD.  Said pillows tend to cover... interesting subject matter to say the least.  Luckily an official one is now available, with a much more PG take on cartoon equines.  Above is a new one available at Walmart. Call in beforehand though, as we have only received heads ups from East cost stores so far.

    And below the break, more RANDOM MERCH! Now go!

    Thanks to Jeff, RoseHeart, and everyone else for sending that one!

    (Update: Target has the pillow listed on their site)

    Wild Rainbow EG Crusaders

    Found by Grant at a Target in Calgary!

    Long Clothing Thing and Sweater

    Seriously, what is that thing?

    Also found at Target by Grant

    Pony Trike

    Found over at Toys R' Us.

    Thanks to jskr!

    Twilight Sparkle Wrapped in Christmas Lights Shirt

    Surprisingly appealing.  Best Christmas Tree

    Found at Old Navy by GT.

    Funrise Santa Hat Plushies

    Covers those spaghetti manes! Found at Target.

    Thanks to mlpon3 for the heads up. 

    Random Wal-Mart Dress

    I've actually gotten a lot of emails over the years of parents looking for stuff for their boys.  I wonder if Hasbro will ever make stuff for them?

    This one was found by Nicki

    Pinkie Pie Body Wash

    Found at Kmart by Katie!

    Fashion Lamps

    Found at Walmart by Grant, Framwinkle, and everyone else for sending it!

    Light Up Alarm Clock

    Found by Framwinkle at Walmart!

    Pony Slippers

    Also from Walmart!