• Random Merch: Best Friend Pillows, Swirl Pop, Projection Pen, and More!

    TASTE THE TWILIGHT they say.  Swirl pops have appeared at a few 99 cent stores.  This one in particular was sent in by 2spook.  Good luck hunting them down if you want one!

    And below the break, loads of random merch. 

    Pony Stretch Gloves

    Found at Claires by Careena for 10 bucks!

    Crystal Masterpiece Puzzle

    Found at Target for 3 bucks by Mr Disco!

    Another Pinkie Night Light

    Found at Menards in Chicago by Victor!

    Projection Pen

    Found at Five Below by Scott!

    Play N Display Pony Case

    Found by Victor at Toys R' Us

    Best Friend Pillows

    Found at Amazon by jskr! Get it over here.

    Pinkie Pie Poncho

    Found by Robert, no location given!