• NaNoWriMo Pony Style List

    Alright everypony Get ready, get set, and go!

    Aaand they're off! Check below the cut for the list of some of the awesome writers who're participating this year and check out this FimFic group for more NaNoWriMo pony goodness and a skype group over here.

     Don't forget to check in next week for some more encouragement and go get em everyone!

    Authors! These are listed in no particular order. If you wrote a lot I might've shortened it for space.

    Name: Theodor "Mr.Noodlezz" Lassey
    Word Count: 400-1000 wordsnano
    Story: Man vs Wild: Equestria

    Desiree Slechta
    I want to write to the max, 50,000

    It's going to be a halloween themed MLP fanfic, just to keep you on your hooves


    A sci fi adventure with a group of awful criminals trying to get rich and stay alive (Hijinx ensue) .

    50,000~ Words

    Twilight Sparkle's life was changed when she met her friends, and now she lives to help other ponies. When a tragic accident renders her isolated and dependent on her friends for her very survival though, she finds herself in a difficult position.

    Sometimes, the hardest thing for somepony to do, is to accept help.

    Inferno Flame

    I'm going to write about The Elements of Music and their adventures.

    Hello. I am Grace Ikurin, known as TwilighttheAlicorn on Fimfiction.
    I will be writing somewhere upwards of 50,000 words this month.

    I will be writing about the zany adventures of Princess Twilight, her protege, and her friend, Ink Quill.

    I am FunPony
    1,000 - 30,000 if I can and it might take me longer then a month though

    About the daily lives of ponies( I have a list of the ponies I want to write )
    And/or about finding out that discord turned said character into a unicorn!
    It depends on which I like better.

    Author-- Wolfram and Hart
    Goal-- 40,000 words

    Subject-- A novella-length fanfic exploring the origin and use of magic in Equestria. It will follow Twilight Sparkle as she progresses from magic kindergarten to graduating from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and beyond.

    Author Name: ssjgokillo
    Goal: 50,000

    What I'll write: A high fantasy adventure take on the familiar world of MLP.


    I'm writing about two girls in a futuristic world meeting each other and then going their own separate ways, both tormented by their decisions.


    Going to write an anthro college AU slice of life/romance fic focusing on OCs. (Collab with Rhino)

    5,000 words(I am going to push for 10,000 but this will be about i will get)

    A Peek in to the life of Moonlight, child of luna....and all her friends. (moonlight is from my blog ask-moon-and-friends.tumblr.com )

    Foals Errand
    50,000 words

    Twilight goes back in time and meets the Celestia history forgot.


    I've been meaning to get to my pony stories for awhile, but job writing has consumed my authortime. This time I'm giving myself a birthday present to finish 3 of the stories in my stories for the Dissonance of Harmony saga: Sunset's Sunrise, Trix of the Trade, and Nostos.

    Game Changer

    I'll write up what's been going on in an RP I'm in so far, known as the New Hive arc. It's about a rebel group of changelings looking to redeem the changeling name with the help of Game Changer and some other faces.

    Amber Flicker

    Curses, magic ponies, human Celestia and Alternate universes. That's basically it.

    Author Name: Badly Drawn Turtle
    Goal: 60,000 words (A nice round 2k per day.)

    What I Want to Write: A far-reaching adventure following the Mane cast that begins when Fluttershy disappears. A series of events is set in motion which lays bare the secret past of each character.

    10,000 words

    I intend to write a libretto for a opera buffa (comic opera), probably about Berry Punch

    Author name - Yukito

    A story about Trixie's life on the rock farm leading up to and after the events of Magic Duel. Will contain TrixMaud

    30,000 words

    I'm writing about Applejack saving the CMC from being trapped in a parallel world.

    50000 (hopefully)

    The CMC inadvertently doom pony-kind while attempting to get their cutie marks.

    Author Name: FlutterLights
    Goal: at least 30,000 words

    What I want to Write: Two ponies who meet each other as children, then meet each other again many years later with their own careers. They start having feelings for each other, but will they be together, or will their dream careers get in their way?

    Blank Slate
    50,000 words

    I'm gonna write a pastiche of David Markson's Wittgenstein's Mistress, but with ponies. Or one pony (one of the mane 6, I'm not sure which). The plot will be basically the same: a pony seems to be the only pony left in Equestria.


    A story about what would have happened if the Elements had done more than rid Luna of Nightmare Moon. Now, Luna is a mortal unicorn, and must learn to fit in with the modern world, while also coming to terms with her mortality.

    20,000w (I have a non-pony one to do, as well, haha)

    Rarity and Spike won't stop fighting, so Twilight casts a spell on them to let them see the other's point of view, inadvertently causing their feelings for each other to switch, and Spike starts treating the lovestruck Rarity like his little assistant.
    Title: "Feelings Change" (nonship fic)

    Story title: Harmony Discorded
    Author: The Awesome and Epic Rainbine
    Word count: 20,000

    The Mane *ahem* "Six" are stuck inside during a zombie apocalypse. On a peaceful day, Rainbow Dash would kill them all, but she's hiding in the basement. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie gives up her sanity in exchange for Sunset Shimmer's help, as if Cadence, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch weren't enough.

    Name: AidanofVT
    Quest: 10,000 words

    Short Description: I'm sitting on a completed but unsubmitted story, and I'd like to write a sequel about as long as the first.

    The Razielim

    A young stallion hires a private detective to uncover the disappearance of his family.

    Going all the way for 50,000 (Celestia help me!)

    Writing a LOTR and MLP crossover, where the Fellowship and Mane Six must work together to rid both Equestria and Middle Earth of the Orc, Changeling, and other baddie threats.

    Author Name: Kegradigm
    Goal: 30,000

    Writing About Superhero janitors.


    Changelings play chess with the future of Equestria.

    1,500- 2,000 words

    A tear-jerker based off of Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl

    10,000 words

    I'm going to write about Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's first adventures in Ponyville.

    Fallen Astral

    I'm gonna write about a male alicorn named Haloed Eclipse and his involvement in the Second Great Equestrian War!

    Name: Icefox
    Goal: 20,000 words

    I want to do a full rewrite of my story Twilight University, where
    ponies start appearing on Earth after Equestria is attacked by an
    ancient power.

    Author Name: DouglasTrotter
    Goal: 20k

    Synopsis: "Friends are friends forever," but will three friends stay friends after secrets are discovered by one friend who has nothing? 

    Blue Dot

    The story of one pony's struggle with Celestia, and how that struggle comes to engulf all of Equestria.

    Author name: Littlecolt
    Goal: 50,000 Words (or so)

    What I want to write: A story I've been meaning to write for a while, which is based on the song "Cupcake" by Cherax Destructor. Unless it's "cheating" that I already wrote about 10,000 words a few months ago. Really, this is an excuse to blaze through it. ;)


    Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon from Luna's POV. Very Jekyll and Hyde esque.

    The Strategic Author

    I'm going to write about my character's past. I'll show how he got his cutie-mark as well as his past.


    Sunset, Sunrise is about Sunset Shimmer effectively becoming what Twilight was to Princess Celestia, a student in Friendship. Unlike Twilight, however, she doesn't have the liberty of starting with a clean slate.

    My goal for the month is between 15,000 and 25,000 words

    As for what I'm writing, I have some hijinks planned for Button Mash and the Cutie Mark Crusaders...


    Lyra Heartstrings running a holistic detective agency; much to the dismay of Bon-Bon.

    CMC_Scootaloo (Fluttercheer)
    60,000 words

    I'm going to write about ponies doing pony things in Equestria, most likely one-shots.
    Everything else is a surprise (aka I have to think of something first).

    Prismatic Pretzel

    I'm going to go with Luna's adventure in an another universe. That is, an essentially unrelated reality and not an alternate timeline or something like that.

    Author: Spigo
    Words: 35,000

    Description: Young noblemares Celestia and Luna flee their hometown when Discord arrives there in the early days of the brief war, and soon find themselves subject to the mad god's personal attention.


    I want to write about a character, who on their birthday, gets some shocking news which changes everything about the life that they knew.

    Author name: Kinrah
    Goal: 40,000 (but having enough for it to be readable will be enough!)

    Fic titled "Predictions and Prophecies"; Twilight tries a new spell (as usual), but is she *really* seeing into the future? And just what do a certain mare with a penchant for boasting, a famous historical painter, and a sonic rainboom have in common?

    Altered Sprocket
    50,000 words (I hope)

    Nightmare Moon head cannon


    I'm going to write about Spike becoming a black market arms dealer.

    Author: Stormy Night
    Goal: 50K words

    What I want to write: I wanna write about ponies! That's all I've got right now.


    Selfless heroism and reckless exploration runs in the family. Hundreds of years before Daring Do, there was Daring Thought.

    Author name: PastCat
    Goal: 50,000 words

    What I'm Writing: Luna presides over a series of audiences in which the friends/lovers/co-workers/etc. of changelings seek amnesty for their 'lings in the wake of the Royal Wedding. (Series of short stories tied together).

    Author Name: Phil E Sophical
    Goal: 30,000 words

    What I Want to Write: When a strike in Cloudsdale causes economic depression in Ponyville, the Apple family siblings must confront the struggles and emotions of their very different perspectives on life and their place in society.

    Name: littlepip357
    Words: 30,000 atleast (Hopefully more)

    What I'm writing: Equestria gets a 2nd visitor which helps further their advancement in exploration.


    I'm planning to write about a world in which all of Equestrian is stuck in a Groundhog Day time loop. Expect things to teeter out of control.

    Author name: Pony Tim
    Goal: 30,000 words

    What you want to write: The secret history of the Crystal Ponies after the disappearance of the Crystal Empire

    The Noble Shade
    30,000 (may be far more or far less)

    Princess Luna has helped many ponies with her dreamwalking abilities, and has even taken to helping those within other worlds. Unbeknownst to her, one of the otherworldly beings she has been monitoring has been found on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest, wondering how he got there; and how he'll get home.

    Heinrich Hoof
    I will writing about the life of one of Celestia's reactionary and imperialistic advisors and his adventures in Her Majesty's court and places further afield. 


    I'm going to be writing about Applejack playing a virtual reality game with the rest of the Mane 6.

    Sairon Istyari

    Celestia reminisces about what happened to her five best friends a thousand years ago, when they were the bearers of the Elements.

    Name: MyFaceYourFace
    Word Goal: at least 30,000

    Synopsis: Equestria is left in ruin from a destructive storm, the E.L.H.P rises from the ashes. Its goal is simple, retrieve lost parts of history and return them safely. But nothing is as ever as it seems, and many shadows still remain from the storm.   

    Teddy (TheElementHero)
    10 000

    Pre-Rainbow Rocks. Sunset Shimmer is struggling to keep the demons within her under control and away from the Twilight Sparkle of this world.

    Author: Naveek Darkroom
    Word count: At least 5000 (Unsure of how fast I'm able to write)

    Fanfic title: 6 Squared
    (Title may not be final)
    Description: A crossover between the G4 MLP universe and the Equestria Girls universe. Amount of Trixie pending.

    Quillin Words
    30,000-50,000 Words

    I will be writing a war story titled "That Others May Live" with Button Mash as the main character.


    Twist being haunted by a mysterious force in her dreams.

    Zeta Prime
    25,000 words

    Pirates, booty and sea chanties, based on a screenplay written by the Elements of Harmony of EFN.

    Author's Name: BLame
    Goal: Aiming for at least 40,000 words.

    What I want to write: I am going to write about the exploits of legendary action hero Captain Ace 'Danger' Dangerpone and his adventures in the far future. Expect flank kicking, danger and explosions with Ace on a mission to beat up bad guys and defend the worlds of the New Equestrian Federation.

    Author Name: Nuclear Pony
    Goal: Full novel 30,000 - 50,000 words

    Story Title: The Sorceress and The Mechanic
    A story about stepping out of your comfort zone with the help of a friend to take a risk that has the potential to change your life.
    ... Oh and rocket packs, dimensional portals and gods and stuff too.

    45,000 words

    My novel is going to be called "The Inheritance", a story about a murder and a fortune.

    Name: Saito S
    Goal: 50,000 (combined total between any and all stories I end up working on)

    I'm going to write: several things - this year for me is "National Novel Continuing Month". I'll be trying to work on stories that I've already started and need to make progress on.

    Loyal Liar

    A semi-slice of life fic:  "Growing up in the shadow of a famous parent isn't easy, even without an evil spirit for a best friend."

    30,000 words

    An episodic slice of life about Derpy, Octavia, and Lyra as they attend Princess Luna's Academy for the Fine Arts.

    Author Name: Bejewelled-Cupcakes
    Goal: anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 words? I don't know I'm sorry *hides*

    What you want to write: Post-Putting Your Hoof Down, Fluttershy's words hurt Pinkie Pie and Rarity more than they let on and after it seems like she was telling the truth and their friends seem to agree, they decide that they need time to figure themselves out and take a trip and it morphs into a quest when things go awry (fluffy roadtrip/inner angst/fixing canon and Raripie shipping)


    I will write about the mane six, whose reality has been altered for the worst. It can only be restored with the help of a certain time traveling pony, or ponies....

    My first goal is 25,000, I will be okay with myself if I reach that.  I am however aiming for the standard goal of 50,000.

    I still haven't totally decided on a story yet, but I still have a day to figure it out.  If I go with a pony related story it would be Star Ship Equestria.

    Blue Pen

    Magical Cyberpunk adventure set in a different pony age. Blend Shadowrun to MLP. Cipher Byte tries to make her way in the city of New Seaddle amidst the constant snow and the shadows of the corporations.

    Nikka Devereaux

    A revolution in a cloud-based empire from ground-based colonies.