• "My Little Brony" Episode on A&E's Storage Wars

    This seems to be happening a lot lately doesn't it? Storage Wars ran a segment on My Little Pony today, where two of the locker hunters finds one filled with G4 pony swag. The people sending it in say it was largely positive, with a brony giving them the heads up on what the stuff was worth.

    Chances are it will be on the internet soon, until then, keep an eye out!

    Summary below the break for those that want to avoid spoilers.

    Thanks to Alex, Alan, Andy, and everyone else that sent it!

    On tonight's new episode of the A&E series Storage Wars, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante bought a storage locker for $50 that proved to contain a collection of pony toys from various generations, including a large Pinkie Pie plushie. A brony named "Johnny Jungle Guts" estimated the collection's total value at $875, combined with the other items in the locker, the pair turned an expected profit of $945.