• IBM's Watson Thoroughly Analyses Ponies

    IBM's Watson supercomputer made headlines in 2011 when it competed in Jeopardy! against highly-rated human opponents, including never-before-defeated Brad Rutter, winning soundly and proving quite handily the efficacy of IBM's architecture. Since its debut on the game show, IBM has put Watson to work in hospitals and advertisement agencies because of its ability to process mass amounts of information in parallel and make use of it in a way that humans can't match. The system itself has 2,880 POWER7 processor cores and 16 terabytes of RAM.

    Attie writes to inform us that, of course, ponies can apply to supercomputers, too.

    Well, IBM is still doing a bunch of things with it, one of which is all sorts of analytic machines. One of these machines (of which I learned of recently through my job that deals with IBM) takes dialog from people, usually social media posts, and creates a personality matrix of that person, usually used for targeted advertising.

    I thought this was cool, so I wrote a little program to extract every line each character has said from the wiki transcripts, and put a few of the main characters through the machine. The attached images are the results, based on 100% of each character's official dialog.

    You can see a live demo of the software here, and below the break I've included the other main characters' graphs. The circle icons are credited to Nimaru over on DeviantArt. Attie has also provided many more pony characters' lines into their own files, which you can grab here. See what you can find!