• Huge Convention Organizers Livestream for Charity

    Charity has become a second nature thing to the fandom ever since the early days when Faust herself auctioned off concept art to help tsunami victims in Japan. The tradition continues in a new event coming up later this month that brings together many of the convention organizers from across the US into one livestream chat to talk about how conventions are organized!

    Of course while this is all going on an equally epic charity auction will be busily taking bids as well. What's at stake? A chance to have your very own idea written by G.M. Berrow, author of the Daring Do books, and then illustrated by the amazing artist Leekfish!

    Interested? Check on after the break for all the info you need to participate as well as a list of guests.

    Announcing the gala return of The Old Grey Mare, a unique panel-based livestream/podcast with a focus on charity. And, oh, what a return!

    How would you like to have your own subject written about by A. K. Yearling herself— G. M. Berrow? And with an illustration by Leekfish? Amazing, huh? Well, that's the prize in this episode's charity auction! (The charity itself will be selected by none other than Leekfish and Ms. Berrow themselves. Details TBA; watch this page.)

    This epic charity auction will be held during an equally epic livestream, and boy, are we bringing out the big guns for this one.

    This time, the subject is Convention Organizers, otherwise known as Con Orgs: The people who organize conventions. And we've got them all:

    BABSCon's chair and founder SONYA LYNN!
    • BronyCon's chair JOSH DEAN!
    • DrawnCon's vice-chair and co-founder, veteran con org JADE AURORA!
    Equestria LA's chair and founder KAREN PADILLA (Glittering Pony)!
    Everfree Northwest's co-chair and founder BEJOTY!
    Nightmare Nights's co-chair (and veteran broadcaster) CHEF SANDY!

    All in one panel, under one virtual roof, discussing the craft of conventioneering. Together, these people represent conventions with a collective attendance of over 16,000 people in their most recent incarnations alone.
    The panel will be moderated by BronyCon founder Purple Tinker and guest host Emily Jones of Pegasisters Live. These two have interviewed actors, artists, musicians, and more, and now they're turning their sights on the people who make the pony con scene tick.
    For those unfamiliar with The Old Grey Mare, check out the show's archive page detailing the previous 5 episodes from the show's original run in 2012. But, in short, it's a fun, relaxing 2-hour experience, full of laughter and amazing revelations, and with each episode featuring an incredible charity event.
    And with a prize like this, you really won't want to miss this episode! So stay tuned.
    In the spirit of friendship,

    The Old Grey Mare

    Twitter: Calpain