• Hasbro in Talks to Buy DreamWorks Animation

    Hasbro and DreamWorks may tie the knot here in the near future if a proposed buyout doesn't fall through in the negotiation phase.  Hasbro is looking to gobble them up, with the Chief Executive of DreamWorks looking for a hefty $30 a share.

    With how much Hasbro is making off of Transformers on the big screen, it's not too surprising to see them wanting to expand their studios to incorporate as much terrain as possible.  Will we see a 3D pony movie in the future? It's always possible.   As long as pony remains relevant, I'm sure Hasbro will be looking to milk the brand for all it's worth.  Good news for us sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting for season 5!

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up! Full presser over here.