• Castles of Equestria - Detailed with Release Date

    UPDATE: Now with better cover image!

    While we still don't have an image for it (hence the example Game of Thrones version made by the same company), it looks like the Amazon listing for the Castles of Equestria Pop-Up book has been given an overhaul in terms of description:

    A must-have gift for pony fans of all ages! Five pop-up figures inside!

    The beautiful castles of Equestria pop to life inside this magical interactive book. Showcasing more wizardry than Star Swirl the Bearded, pop-up master Matthew Reinhart takes My Little Pony fans on a magical time-traveling tour through each palace. See the majestic castle in Canterlot, the shining spire of the Crystal Empire, and the reconstructed ancient Castle of the Two Sisters--where Princesses Celestia and Luna began their rule. Plus, see Twilight Sparkle's home, the newest castle in Equestria!

    Use the five pop-up figures included to explore doorways, gardens, and throne rooms. Spot all your favorite characters from the hit television series throughout this magnificently illustrated feat of pop-up engineering--you never know where somepony might appear!

    The release date has also appeared, slotting in at June 2nd of next year.  If all of this sounds interesting to you, and I'm leaning toward it will, you can find the listing over Here!

    Thanks to Scott for the heads up!  

    (Example Game of Thrones book below from the same company)