• Saying Goodbye to The Hub - Some of the Best Pony Bumps and Ads

    Remember these guys? I still say Capricorn and Cancer share the top for best horoscope ponies. I never thought I'd say cancer is the best anything.

    The Hub has been a blast with us over the years, and with Discovery Family taking over on the 13th, I'm following the recommendation of someone in the submit box and compiling up some of the best moments over the years.  Everything from Theres a Pony for That to the awesome April Fools joke, these guys rocked it.

    Below the break, get it all! And click the images to go watch the videos.

    There's a Pony For That HQ Version

    This was one of the first time EQD snuck into the official side of pony, along with quite a few really fun brony references.  (Equestria Daily is one of the apps). Back then, pony was brand new, and the concept of older fans was still totally alien. 

    MLP Equestria Girls-Extended Hub Promo Edition

    The original Equestria Girls, a parody song with the very first mention of "Bronies" in an official ad.  Not to mention Vinyl scratch at the end.

    Brony Thank You Project Commercial

    We kickstarted it, and then it happened.  Brony Thank You Project was a huge success in terms of fandoms putting together their wallets and getting something big done.

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - 8 bit (Promo) - The Hub

    Pinkie Pie confirmed for video games.

    "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Chinese New Year 2012 Spike-A-Thon Promo

    Marathons were a big deal over at The Hub thee last few years.  The Spike-A-Thong especially had a neat little bump. 

    My Little Pony: Dragonfire (Promo) - Hub Network

    The Hub ROCKED April Fools this year, with a show I think a lot of people actually really wanted to be real.  Would you watch a humanized pony space opera? Would you watch it over Equestria Girls? 

    My Little Pony Maleficent Trailer - Hub Network

    Maleficent was officially ponified, literally. 

    My Biggest Pony: The Series (Promo) - Hub Network

    Another awesome one from The Hub.  They even gave BonBon her customary ridiculous voice. 

    We Heart Ponies Fan Favorite Voting Promo - The Hub

    We Heart Ponies Mare-a-thon (Promo) - The Hub

    This one was actually a pretty big deal here on EQD, mainly because they asked us to run the poll for it.  Awesome. 

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, You're Invited! (Promo) - The Hub

    Season two was crowned with the Royal Wedding event, inviting all sorts of people on and holding a party in LA for the rise of CHRYSALIS.

    MLP Commercial Bumps

    A couple of general commercial bumps.  Followed closely by GAK GAK GAK.

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Coronation Teaser Promo

    Twilight was going princess mode, and people complained.  Turns out it's not so bad after all.

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic "Stuff Ponies Say" (Promo) - The Hub

    Ponies say the darndest things.

    The Hub Hall of Heroes - Twilight Sparkle

    R.I.P The Hub ;_;.  Now what will Twilight do with her Hall of Heroes title?

    The Hub's Birthday Party Bumps

    It's going to be sad to see The Hub go.  I don't think there are many networks out there that would take the same risks these guys did with communicating with their fandom. A lot of people think we here at EQD work closely with Hasbro, and we don't.  Hasbro pretty much ignores us as we do our own thing.  The Hub was always who we would talk to, and not once did they ever tell us to stop doing what we are doing or complain about us doing something a specific way.  There are some amazing people over there.  Hopefully they will be in control of a good amount of Discovery Family too!

    If I missed any, and I'm sure we have (I remember a pixely 3D pony commercial from a while back that I couldn't seem to find), then feel free to toss them in the comments.  Onward to change!