• Music of the Day #397

    Some of you do this to Dash and I have no idea what to think of it.

    Get some Music of the Day while I reflect on my choices in life.

    [1] Source
    No One Will Miss Me When I'm Gone (Littlepip Parody of The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect)
    Vocal - Parody

    [2] Source
    BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Academy (Delta Brony Remix)

    [3] Source
    FlutterSky (NekoWolf Remix) - Seven Ponies

    [4] Source
    The Wonderbolts! - Apples To The Core

    [5] Source
    Hackamore - O.K. (Sherclop Pones x Miley Cyrus x The American Justice System)

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