• Music of the Day #390

    I wonder if we will ever see the return of Pinkamena? It seems like they have moved on to simply deflating her mane instead of going straight hair in season 4.

    Anyway, get some Music of the Day below! 

    [1] Source
    Everypony!! Boom up the Bass
    Vocal - Glitch Hop / Rap

    [2] Source
    PeKaNo - Life Is A Party [FULL]

    [3] Source
    Bronyance - The Fall of Twilight's Kingdom (8-Bit Original)
    Instrumental - 8 Bit

    [4] Source
    Revolution - Sights Unseen

    [5] Source
    Metal Core Pony - We Are Bronies (TheAljavis Cover)
    Vocal - Metalcore

    [6] Source
    Morgsch - I Am The Night [Insturmental Mix]
    Progressive Trance

    [7] Source
    "Daniel Ingram - Music To My Ears" (Timeless Prophecy Remix)
    Remix - Pop/Disco