• MLP Omnibus for the Comics Releases, Covering Issues 1-12

    Another chance to collect or catch up on the main series of MLP comics has released.  The MLP Omnibus covers the first four arcs of the story, including the Chrysalis Saga (4 comics), the Nightmarity arc (4 Comics), the Big Macintosh 2 parter, and the Shining Armor with Princess Cadance high school duo.  Altogether, that nails 12 issues with 280 pages. It is a bit smaller than the full size comics, at 5.8" x 8.8" instead of the usual 6.6" x 10.2", so if you want a bigger more traditional size, it might be best to plop the extra money down on each individual one instead.

    You can find it over here.

    Thanks to Robert for he heads up!